Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rick Astley Kicks Nirvana's Ass

Here you go, because Kurt Cobain was a goof who couldn't be bothered to wash his hair, made millions from his Pixies rip-offs, hooked up with the kookiest woman in the universe, and fought with geniuses like Axl Rose and Billy Corgan. Astley was the most mesmerizing dancer since James Brown, had more musical talent in his pinkie than Cobain, had a finely-streamlined helmet, jealousy-inspiring fashion sense, and a winning grin. Courtesy and


Stephen Whitworth said...

I have no complaints with any of these statements. Well, actually, I seriously doubt Courtney Love deserves the title "kookiest woman in the universe". So, one complaint then.

Albert Bannatyne said...

Teeny tiny two inches of tenor bears a striking resemblance to Potsie Weber.

chris yackoboski said...

Mr. Whitworth - then who is the kookiest? Have you seen any othe rants sh'e published online?
Here's a sample:
"yeah i am having my mgmt send me to facebook when oa sked them they asked for my ssn its not MY ssn but still it as mighty rude so i helf a sign up saying 666 66 6666 with a timne clock on it on the pic and sent it flipping em off so i could be ne on facebook
whooo look what happens with unfiltered fucking comments, gross, did yoi even bother to read whsat i wrote your so stuck up your own asses, some of you
its hysterical thats exactly how theyt fuck my kid becuse tards like you make it seem like itrs easy, " oh shes a bitch lets pretend we re respected lawyers in teh NYC SUPREME COURT"
x16 in one day, and lien her KID for 169 ,000 x 16.

if it was just me id have been gone long ago but im staying around for the sho mothefuckers say what youw ant until the mgmt gets ona nd filters its noce to know you retarcs are stillout there, wow,. im impressed, so are a bunch of asshole bankers,
notice thetrillions in infrastructure dying under YOUR feet, yeah well talk to Weitzmana nd Azoff about that talk to her greedy and STUPID king rat of a trust fund my employees have illegally and via perjury turned it aroudn so my kid will be fucked and in a bank owned by lawyers who have fucked her this isnt even about ME forget ME ...
goign to twit and facebook, so au revoir have at it,
i cannot believe your still that little fraction of you so stuck up your own asses thatyoud let 74 year old men be less intrigueing than your courtneyloveis a bitch comments"

chris yackoboski said...

Mr. Bannatyne:
Your sentence is unclear - did you mean Sir Astley, or yourself?
Did you ever finish that huge jug of Bailey's?