Monday, February 16, 2015

Best of last year, what's to come and The End of Scruffy?

That pic above is the end of Yak. And right now it looks like this might be the end of Scruffy the Yak, or at least for an indefinite period of time. My laptop died, making it almost impossible to put this thing together. So here's a round up of a bunch of artists I didn't get the time to post about, some of which are my favourites for 2014, and some newer stuff. See ya 'round.

Ryan Adams finally embraced his inner Bryan Adams, Tom Petty, even Rick Springfield. Top 5 album last year.

Gimme Something Good

The Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen

Champagne Years - Skinny Jeans

Duotang came back from the dead like Walkers, except with more emotions. Get Duotang Unreleased EP from the Winnipeg Free Press's Anthony Augustine and the band, go here.Grab the audio from Duotang's Triumphant return to the Winnipeg stage from the always-insightful Teenage Dogs in Trouble.

Live at the Mint Records 2014 Xmas party

Failure - Come Crashing

Faith No More - MF

Bryan Ferry - Loop De Li

The Hours - Miss Emerald Green

jeff the brotherhood - What's A Creep

Jet Set Satellite - Ashes From the Fire

Junior Gone Wild got back together for a few shows, and Mike McDonald released a solo record. Here's hoping some new JGW songs are on the way.

The Cliche Song

Leaf Rapids - Healing Feeling

Manic Street Preachers - Walk Me To the Bridge

Metric - Fatal Gift

The New Wild

Robert Plant

Turn it Up

A messed-up version of Black Dog? Sure.

Posies - Failure

Red Vienna - Golden Dove

Sloan - Cleopatra

Sons of Freedom
USA Long Distance

Super Cool Wagon

Spoon - They Want My Soul

Trevor Tuminski - Covers

The Waterboys - Beautiful Now

Whitehorse - Sweet Disaster

The Yetis - Warm California


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