Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Church - Pride Before a Fall

The Church are back to slow down your heartbeat and perhaps change the speed of life. The band's 25th studio album entitled Further/Deeper is out October 17 in Australia and New Zealand, for the rest of us, who knows? First single Pride Before A Fall is by no means a departure, so if you have a hankering for the band's dreamy, endlessly diving guitars and shadowy, soaring vocals, here ya go. 

Pride Before a Fall

Some older tunes in case you've forgotten:

Unguarded Moment

Under the Milky Way (Live)

Almost With You



Hounds of Love

You're Still Beautiful


The church - ripple by epb21




Deadman's Hand

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Warsaw - Record Lows, Show Sept 18

Winnipeg's Warsaw is waiting patiently for you to download their demo, Record Lows, which is free or pay-what-you-will. A compelling blend of melodic scrappy punk (think Samiam) and sludgy, hooky-but-punishing alt-metal (Helmet), Warsaw rises above. And it should, because the musicians in the band (Darren Achorn/ drums, Josh Bedry/ guitar, Curran Faris/ guitar & vocals, and Ethan Osland/ bass) have all proven themselves in so many bands I'm not even going to start listing them, 'cause we ain't got all day.

Carrion Talker

Warsaw will be playing with Russian Circles and The Atlas Moth Thursday Sept. 18 at The Pyramid Cabaret.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Distances - Scenario Free MP3

Distances is releasing their new album Peaks/Valleys September 16, album release party September 13 at the Park Theaatre. Download Scenarios from Manitoba Music, but do it now, it's gone tomorrow! And remember, the album will be available everywhere you can stream and download music online on September 16.