Sunday, June 29, 2014

They Might Be Giants - First Album Live Free Download

They Might Be Giants are handing out a free album download, a live recording of their first album, replete with stage banter. It is really quite good. Sometimes TMBG remind me of Devo in that both bands could represent an alternate version of punk. If you have ever listened to really early Devo, you know what I mean. You can get it here if the widget is not appearing below for you.

Here's an older live tune for ya.

She's An Angel

TMBG recently released Idlewild, a compilation album featuring Tesla, Am I Awake, The Mesopotamians, Careful what You Pack, Can't Keep Johnny Down, You're On Fire, and 11 more tracks from the last decade or so.

The Mesopotamians

Tesla - 9 different audio/video remixes!

The band will give you one version of the song if you go here.

Am I Awake

The band also has a nifty free app (pictured above) if you are a fan, instant music.

 Regular TMBG bassist Danny Weinkauf also launched his solo children's music album entitled No School Today. You all know that TMBG's NO! is the best children's album ever, right?

Ice Cream


It's the end of June. Here's a snazzy tune called Santa Claus.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Afghan Whigs - Matamoros Free MP3, Will Mess Your Mind

The Afghan Whigs newest single starts out with some post-punk funk guitar, momentarily gives you the impression it might veer into Beck territory for a millisecond, maybe a NIN song as it gets a bit sinister, but no, it's Afghan Whigs danger, not robotic ambience. Maybe an Eastern Camper Van influence darts in, maybe not, but then it's Afghan Whigsy again. Yes, a band can come back and be as good as before or better. Proof right here.

Matamoros Live on Letterman

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tweedy - I'll Sing It

I don't know who came up with the term "dad rock", but I'd say that it's a phrase that's even lamer than Dave Matthews, Coldplay, or Jack Johnson. Anyhow, Jeff Tweedy and his son Spencer Tweedy have a new record coming out September 16 called Sukierae, and one song is available for your pleasure. Here is I'll Sing It.


World Away is supposedly on the new record too, according to Rolling Stone.

Here's a set from Mountain Jam 2014.
Official show poster at top of post by Brian Methe, for gig at The Brown Theatre Broadway/Louisville, KY June 11, 2014.

You can get that poster and other Wilco and Tweedy stuff at Wilcoworld.

Here's a short doc on Jeff Tweedy.


June 16 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Pabst Theater
June 17 - Columbia, MO @ Missouri Theatre
June 18 - Tulsa, OK @ Cain’s Ballroom
June 21 - Austin, TX @ Texas Union Ballroom
June 22 - Dallas, TX @ Majestic Theatre June 24 - Nashville, TN @ Ryman Auditorium
July 4 - Ottawa, ON @ Ottawa Blues Fest
July 6 - Toronto, ON @ Toronto Urban Roots Fest
July 12 - Chicago, IL @ Taste of Chicago

Doc Neeson (Angels/Angel City): Never Gonna See His Face Again

Whether you called the band Angel City or The Angels or The Angels from Angel City depending on where you were from, the band had the right recipe, especially on the second to fifth records. Start with the riffs and rhythm that sounded like a knife edge, tight high-wire tension, an unmeasured menace - the kind of unheralded genius that Malcolm Young brought to the table for the first half of AC/DC's career. Add a lyrical spice rack that veers sharply from the norm 0f the late '70s and early '80s, one that sometimes seems to have more in common with Kafka, Orwell or even Dostoyevsky than chicks and cars or dragons and wizards. Straitjackets and persecution, outcasts and big brother, no exit, dark rooms, solitary confinement and not wanting to face the day - not your typical good time party rock and roll wordsmiths here.

But to top it off, The Angels had one of the most mesmerizing vocalists the earth has ever seen, Doc Neeson. He growled, he crooned, he barked, he screamed, he muttered, he machine-gunned - he very rarely just sang. Onstage, he was one of the performers that could transport you, to a seedy back alley, a white cell, an ancient castle, or just out of yourself.

 Doc Neeson died June 4, 2014. I haven't found another vocalist like Doc or another band that could make a record like Face to Face, Darkroom or No Exit.

 Take a Long Line

Fashion & Fame (Live)

No Secrets

Face the Day


Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again (Live)

Waiting for the World

Ivory Stairs (Live)


Can't Shake It

Good doc on The Angels.

The following doc is a bit sad. I don't think it focuses on what is great about the band or Neeson, but if you want to see him get sick, here ya go.

A Very Good Rascal - the Doc Neeson Story

Buy Angels/Angel City on Amazon.

Buy Angels/Angel City on iTunes.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Robyn Hitchcock - The Ghost in You and The Man Upstairs

In his bid to release more albums than any other man, Robyn Hitchcock will be unleashing The Man Upstairs in August 26. The record will include Roxy Music's To Turn You On, The Doors' Crystal Ship, Psychedelic Furs' The Ghost in You, I Was a King's Ferries, Grant-Lee Phillips' Don't Look Down as well as new versions of songs like Comme Toujours. Gillian Welch painted the cover, Joe Boyd produced the record, it shall be worth checking out.

 The Ghost in You

Hitchcock has performed The Ghost in You for years, here's some footage circa 1989.

There was a live version thrown out there as a b-side many years ago, you can check it out over at Flowering Toilet.

 The Man Upstairs Tracks:

1. The Ghost In You
2. San Francisco Patrol
3. To Turn You On
4. Trouble In Your Blood
5. Somebody To Break Your Heart
6. Don’t Look Down
7. Ferries
8. Comme Toujours
9. The Crystal Ship
10. Recalling The Truth

 Hitchcock's last album Love from London only came out last year, so the guy's churning out records like it's the old days. Love it. But I still think his last album deserves more listens when he releases tunes like Fix You, you can get a bit more about that here.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Alphabet Part 2: A to Z Music You Need right now: Listen, Watch, Download

Three large posts, a truckload of music, little-to-no editorialising (or even editing). It's the A-Z of what's been catching Scruffy's ears, too much for one post. Part one was here.

 Hold Steady did some shows with Deer Tick. Must have been amazing. Here's Deer Tick doing a Hold Steady tune.
Deer Tick - Constructive Summer (Hold Steady Cover)

And some Hold Steady.

I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You

I Never Wear White from Suzanne Vega's latest Tales From the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles.

Joseph Arthur - Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Justin Rutledge - Thugs

Justin Rutledge - Fiddler's Green featuring Jenn Grant

Justin Rutledge- Courage

Jordan Klassen - Go To Me

Mark Lanegan - Deepest Shade

Paul Langlois - What the Hell I got

The Lemonheads are supposedly making a new record with original member Ben Deily, who was great. Check out some reissued tunes below, and listen to some live Evan Dando (recently recorded in Winnipeg, just before his guitar was stolen) songs at Teenage Dogs in Trouble.

Lemonheads - Second Chance

Lemonheads - Mallo Cup

Lemonheads - Anyway

Lemonheads - Clang Bang Clang

Lemonheads - 394

Lemonheads - Out

Hamilton Leithauser - 11 O'Clock Friday Night

Greg MacPherson - 1995

The Mariachi Ghost mix tradition with ambition, classic sounds with some unexpected twists, somehow managing to make the band's aural effects as arresting as the visuals. Would you have guessed The Mariachi Ghost hail from Winnipeg? Hit the link to listen to the album.

Milwaukee - Aimee Mann and Leo are The Both

Nai Harvest - Ain't That Enough, Free download of a Teenage Fanclub cover! One of my favourite bands at the moment, sleazy guitars and slippery vocals, lazy cool even when aggression rears its ugly head.

Old 97s

Old 97s - Most Messed Up

Doug Paisley is from TO, but that isn't necessarily evident from his music. To me, he fits in with Del Barber, Corb Lund, and Daniel Romano, well-crafted songs without pop, rock, or flash - Canadiana?

Doug Paisley - Radio Girl

Doug Paisley - Song My Love Can Sing

Doug Paisley - No One But you

Doug Paisley - If I Wanted To

Doug Paisley - Sad Sinner

Peter Buck - Monkey Mask

Pixies' Women of War is a free download from te band to you.

Pixies - Women of War

Pixies - Silver Snail

Posies - Grant Hart

Posies - Ontario