Sunday, June 8, 2014

Robyn Hitchcock - The Ghost in You and The Man Upstairs

In his bid to release more albums than any other man, Robyn Hitchcock will be unleashing The Man Upstairs in August 26. The record will include Roxy Music's To Turn You On, The Doors' Crystal Ship, Psychedelic Furs' The Ghost in You, I Was a King's Ferries, Grant-Lee Phillips' Don't Look Down as well as new versions of songs like Comme Toujours. Gillian Welch painted the cover, Joe Boyd produced the record, it shall be worth checking out.

 The Ghost in You

Hitchcock has performed The Ghost in You for years, here's some footage circa 1989.

There was a live version thrown out there as a b-side many years ago, you can check it out over at Flowering Toilet.

 The Man Upstairs Tracks:

1. The Ghost In You
2. San Francisco Patrol
3. To Turn You On
4. Trouble In Your Blood
5. Somebody To Break Your Heart
6. Don’t Look Down
7. Ferries
8. Comme Toujours
9. The Crystal Ship
10. Recalling The Truth

 Hitchcock's last album Love from London only came out last year, so the guy's churning out records like it's the old days. Love it. But I still think his last album deserves more listens when he releases tunes like Fix You, you can get a bit more about that here.

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