Monday, December 30, 2013

Winnipeg and Manitoba Artists To Keep Your Eyes and Ears On

Federal Lights - I See Love

Les Jupes - Hold Me Down

Les Jupes - Love is a Battlefield

Greg McPherson - 1995

Slow Leaves - Life of a Better Man

Pop Crimes - City Head

Ken Pinchin - Why Do You Call Me

Warsaw - Carrion Talker

Sybil - April Showers

Attica Riots - Talking in Your Sleep

Del Barber - Everything is Not Enough

Cannon Bros. Soft View

Cannon Bros. - Out of Here

Scott Nolan - You Rock We Roll

Matt Epp - Learning to Lose Control

KEN Mode - Romeo Must Never Know

KEN Mode - Counter Culture Complex

Royal Canoe - Exodus of the Year

Sights & Sounds - Nothing at All

JD Edwards - Going down to Mexico

JD Edwards Band - Going Down to Mexico from Procter Bros. Industries on Vimeo.

- Tangled Feet

Shotgun Jimmie - Suzie

Shotgun Jimmie - Captain Howdy

Shotgun Jimmie - Mind Crumb

Les Sexy - La La La

Former Winnipeggers you may want to give some attention? Here you go.

Garfield/Odario Williams keeps getting more ambitious and broadening his palette. If he becomes a star in music, film, television or otherwise I will not be surprised.

Grand Analog - Howl (Like Wolves)

Jahmeel Russell has been putting out his own stuff with Red Vienna, working with Fine Times, and is now playing with San Angelus. Quit being so lazy, slacker.

Red Vienna - Lights Out

San Angelus - All Bets on the Slow Kid

Fine Times - And it Happened at Midnight

Luke Doucet is doing pretty well with Whitehorse. It's about time he got the respect and success he deserves.

Whitehorse - Devils's Got a Gun

Upcoming/Due for some new music?
The Mariachi Ghost - Mariachi Ghost

JP Hoe - Nothing's Going to Harm You

Ridley Bent - Crooked and Loaded
Ridley Bent - Nine Inch Nails

John K. Samson - Letter in Icelandic From the Ninette San

Scott Hinkson - All I Need

The Rowdymen - Ode to Possum

The Rowdymen - Rode Hard

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Last Christmas Post, Feat. Paper Moon, Killers & Dawes, XTC, OK GO, The Kinks, Nick Lowe, Del Bel, Crash Test Dummies

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have a stupendous holiday, or the very least hear a few good songs. 

Paper Moon - String of Blinking Lights

Paper Moon - String of Blinking Lights from Tim Der on Vimeo.

Paul Kelly - How to Make Gravy

Killers and Dawes - Christmas in L.A.

XTC - Always Winter, Never Christmas

- Thanks for Christmas

The Kinks - Father Christmas

OK Go covering The Kinks - free download of Father Christmas

Nick Lowe - Christmas at the Airport

Crash Test Dummies - the First Noel

Del Bel - Christmas in Prison

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The New Mendicants - A Very Sorry Christmas Plus Eels and Smithereens

The New Mendicants - A Very Sorry Christmas was released yesterday.

Eels - Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas

Smithereens - Waking Up On Christmas

Rhett Miller and Sydney Wayser - Christmas is Coming Free MP3

Have a merry free download of this Christmas tune by Rhett Miller (Old 97s) and Sydney Wayser.

When I saw the title I wondered if it would be a cover of the fine Payolas tune.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Music?

Manitoba Christmas songs from Rusty and Savannah, Oldfolks Home, and JP Hoe, a strong Cover of the Pogues' Fairytale of New York, a new Christmas song from Mark Kozelek from an album that isn't even released until November NEXT YEAR, Bad Religion throwing a curveball, and a few more.

Cheap Trick's Come On Christmas is one of my favourite Christmas songs ever, even if they did just change the words to one of their own songs.

Rusty and Savannah - Under the Mistletoe - free download at Manitoba Music right now, buy the whole album from itunes.

Calexico, Iron & Wine, Glen Hansard, Kathleen Edwards - Fairytale of New York

Have you seen the documentary on The Pogues and that tune? It's very well done, and you can find it on YouTube.

Redd Kross - Super Sunny Christmas

Bright Eyes - Blue Christmas

Mark Kozelek - O Come All Ye Faithful

Mark Kozelek - Little Drummer Boy

JP Hoe - Holiday Songs

Bad Religion - Christmas Songs

The Dirty Nil - Christmas at my House

Oldfolks Home Mounties - Merry Christmas Maybe

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Neko Case Covers Robyn Hitchcock's Madonna of the Wasps

If you purchase the deluxe version of Neko Case's newest release, The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You, you will receive a bonus cover of a Robyn Hitchcock tune, Madonna of the Wasps. Neko even uses Robyn's "Madonner" pronunciation.

I don't remember this video at all.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mooner - Making Americans b/w Down on Marston Blues

Don't know a lot about Mooner. But Making Americans is a fun song in my books, like many of Sloan's tunes for the past decade or so, it's chock full of radio-ready riffs, sweet melody and harmonies, and doesn't mind being a bit clever. And now I've gone and skewed their Soundcloud number of plays because I just keep on playing it.

Down on Marston Blues mines more of a Dream Syndicate/Television vein, and everyone should love those bands. Listening to some of the band's older tunes, I hear hints of Wilco, The Shoes, maybe some Soft Boys. Sounds good to me.

Making Americans b/w Down on Marston Blues

I'm Waiting for the Man (Live at Cole's)

Unpronounceable Name EP

Hand in Hand in Hand

And look! The band pulls it off live too!

Shapeshifter (live)

You can buy Making Americans b/w Down on Marston Blues here.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mark Linkous and Sparklehorse Tribute Indiegogo ends Today - Flaming Lips, Joy Formidable, Cowboy Junkies, Mark Lanegan and More

There are only a few hours left to get in on contributing to the indiegogo Tribute to Mark Linkous and Sparklehorse. If you enjoyed Sparklehorse, if you want to donate towards helping those with mental health issues, or if you want to get an album featuring Flaming Lips, Joy Formidable, Cowboy Junkies, Mercury Rev, Mark Lanegan, David Lowery of Cracker, Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, and many more, please check out the Last Box of Sparklers indiegogo page.

Mark Lanegan - Spirit Ditch

The Joy Formidable - Gold Day

Mercury Rev - Sea of Teeth

Flaming Lips - It's a Sad and Beautiful World

Ian Nichols - It's a Wonderful Life

Lip Talk - Comfort Me

Tiva Tiva - More Yellow Birds

Sparklehorse - Someday I'll Treat You Good

Sparklehorse - Sick of Goodbyes

Monday, December 2, 2013

Haunter Gives Up the Ghost, Offers Rarities, Demos, and a Devo Cover

Winnipeg's Haunter just played their last show the other night, which is a downer. However, I am confident the bandmembers will continue to make amazing sounds with their other projects such as Cannon Bros., so everything will still come up roses, right?

You can name your price at the band's bandcamp page. At the very least, check out the demo of Blood and Thunder, which is as brilliant in its own way as the final studio version (which can be heard below on Rivers and Rust).

July 2005


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pixies Lose Another Bassist, Muffs Will Prevail. What Goes Boom? Joey Santiago, Apparently.

In Pixies news, Kim Deal replacement bassist Kim Shattuck announced that her time with Pixies had come to an end. I have high hopes that people now pay more attention to her own band, The Muffs, which is a splendiferous entity that should have a new album out on Valentine's Day. Also, Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago blowed up real good.

The Muffs - I'm a Dick

The Muffs - Everywhere I Go

The Muffs - Don't Pick On Me

The Muffs - Outer Space

hHead - Best Canadian Songs of All Time No. 8

This series of posts will be offering the definitive list of the best Canuck tunes ever recorded, scientifically tabulated, collated and obfuscated by the Brain of Scruff, in absolutely-not numerical order. Check out the list so far here.

hHead filled a void in Canada which was taken up in the States by bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Meat Puppets. Guitar-based rock, laconic vocals, the ability to veer towards weirdness without always falling into a pit of bizarre ridiculousness. hHead had some catchy songs, and though the band's presentation included some fine harmonies, pop wasn't really in the guys' vocabulary. There also weren't easy signposts for punk and metal in their tunes, so listeners had to really pay attention to find the hooks to hang on to. Remedial is indicative of hHead's ability to write a pleasureable tune, then let it slide into slacker-rock, with Mintz's laid-back vocals intoning, "Welcome to special ed, get your education spoon-fed, now I think that I I have to be so well-rounded?"