Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Postal Service - Give Up 10th Anniversary Reissue

The Postal Service. Put out one good album, then stop. Maybe that's the way to do it. If you want, you can reform for some shows later on, after people think it will never happen, say, around the 10 year anniversary of the album. And hey, let's reissue Give Up with a bunch of covers, a couple unreleased tunes, others covering you, et cetera. Out now on iTunes, out April 9 in tangible, physical form (preorder here).
Anyway, at least the fellas have a sense of humour if they allowed the creation of this funny-as-heck video.

Here are the previously-unreleased tunes on the reissued version of Give Up.

What? You don't remember that album? Here you go.

Such Great Heights

We Will Become silhouettes

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Remixes, Covers etc.

Live at KCRW

Against All Odds

Grow Old With Me

Iron and Wine cover Such Great Heights

Shins cover We Will Become Silhouettes

Happy Easter! Chocolate Bunnies From Hell!

Chocolate Bunnies From Hell, or just Chocolate Bunnies (or just The Bunnies if you were close) are a Winnipeg institution. I once told main Bunny and sole survivor PJ Burton that I was impressed when I heard the song Hidden Words because he utilized the word "discern" in a rock song. He favoured me with a blank look. Happy Easter!

Pumping For Jill

Run With Me

Under My Thumb

Phuqued Around


Real Wild Child (Wild One)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Swissted: Vintage Rock Posters Remixed and Reimagined

Gig poster art has been adored by some for years. DIY album art and concert announcements have been collected by some smarty-pants hoarders since punk exploded. But Swissted: Vintage Rock Posters Remixed and Reimagined by Mike Joyce is the first book I have seen that lovingly remakes posters of punk, indie and alternative artist concert posters and turns them into something entirely different. Like covering a song and transforming it so that it is unrecognizable, Joyce turns gig posters into wholly new works of art. Instead of freaky or bizarre art designed to shock, confuse, or generally stop a viewer in his/her tracks, Joyce revisits posters using a Swiss modernist design. No black and white photocopies here, we're talkin' bright, primary colours, clean, lower-case band names, and clarity over colour. No artist pics, no album covers, no extraneous exhortations or slogans, just 200 perforated ready-to-frame posters featuring everyone from Alice in Chains to Bad Brains to Nirvana to Yo La Tengo to The Zeros. Wow.

Buy the book here.

Alice in Chains

Bad Religion



Dinosaur Jr

Gang of Four

Guided by Voices


Husker Du




Sonic Youth



Check out Mik Joyce's Swissted site here, buy the book here. Buy the book here.

Happy Belated Birthday Nick Lowe!

Nick Lowe celebrated another birthday yesterday. Did you know his middle name is Drain? Me neither. Anyway, didn't want to pass up a chance to remind you of how much great work he's done.

Sensitive Man

So It Goes

Rockpile - So It Goes (Live)

Rockpile - When I Write the Book

Roller Show


Cruel to be Kind - Nick Lowe with Daryl Hall and T-Bone Wolk

I Live on a Battlefield - Nick Lowe with Daryl Hall and T-Bone Wolk "I Live on A Battlefield" - Nick Lowe & Daryl Hall with T-Bone Wolk by scottrek71

What's Shakin' On The Hill

Cracking Up

Rockpile - Heart of the City

Brinsley Schwarz - Cruel to be Kind

Raging Eyes

Lowe Country - The Songs of Nick Lowe

Buy Nick Lowe here.