Saturday, April 27, 2013

RIP George Jones, Here's the Rowdymen Thinking of You, RIP Chrissy Amphlett, The Rowdymen Have Not Got to You Yet

Man, I feel like I am reeling off RIP posts too much. Oh well, this will be a short one.

George Jones passed away and the first thing I thought about was this amazing tune by The Rowdymen, inspired by a dream about drinking with George. In a perfect world, this song would have been a big hit. You can buy it right here.

Chrissy Amphlett of Divinyls also shuffled off this mortal coil. You've all heard I Touch Myself, but they had a few other spiffy tracks. I'm thinking The Rowdymen will get around to memorializing Chrissy Amphlett and Divinyls at some point, because they love 80's music with a side of cheese.

Science Fiction

Good Die Young

Boys in Town

I'm Jealous

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thomas D'Arcy - I Wake Up Everyday, Tribute to The Monks' Bad Habits, and Other Songs to Learn and Sing. And mp3s to download.

Thomas D'Arcy seems to be some sort of pop genius that for no good reason I have not picked up on until now. I suck, I guess. I mean, I liked a few Small Sins songs, but I just didn't pick up on how great he was until now. But he seems to be producing at an almost Robert Pollard-like pace, so there's no excuse to miss out on his work anymore. He just released the I Wake Up Everyday EP, also unveiling a video for I Wake Up Everyday, and his full-length album What We Want hasn't even been out for three months yet. Check it all out below, including some awesome covers and a few mp3s you can download from Soundcloud; you can get another free mp3 if you go to his website.

I Wake Up Everyday EP

This video is BRAND SPANKIN' NEW!
I Wake Up Everyday

Mr. Business

D'arcy has also re-recorded the Monks'Bad Habits, with guests such as original Monk John Ford, Ian Blurton (c'mon etc.), Chris Murphy (Sloan), John Kastner (Doughboys), and Dave Gilby (TPOH), among others. The only hitch is, you can stream it, but you can't get it otherwise. I wanna own it!

Tribute to The Monks

Devo's Girl U Want


Never Again (as covered by Lindy)

Johnny and Mary (Small Sins cover Robert Palmer)

In the End

Talk Talk

No Complaints

I Don't Need You

Keep Your Head High

'Til I Go Home

The Good Life

North Train (Small Sins Remix)

Something's Going Down

I Took Her Love For Granted

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sons of York - Forever Potential

Winnipeg cool kids Sons of York have finally released a physical version of their new ep Forever Potential. I think they called it that so they could shorten it to Forever Pot. Or maybe because one of the songs on the ep is called Forever Potential, so there's a possible connection there. Anyway, it's chock full of S.O.Y. key words like "anthemic" (Young Blood Unite), "frenetic" (the last half of Forever Potential), "melancholy joy" (Sweet Sarah), and of course "fifties-style rock 'n' roll" (Contraption, Answer).

Young Blood Unite

Forever Potential


Sweet Sarah



Have you heard the NYC Demos? Produced by Gus Van Go.

Sons of York play May 25 at The Cavern with a Waste Odyssey and 80's headband-wearing Wild Stallyns.

RIP Scott Miller (Game Theory and The Loud Family)

Scott Miller recently passed away, and I'm not convinced that enough people got the chance to appreciate his work. His work in Game Theory and The Loud Family sometimes seemed like a missing link between Let's Active and The Three O'Clock, but Miller often painted with a wider palette. A song could veer from the sweetest folk-rock to a metallic crunch, which doesn't lend it self to top-40 airplay, but can sure be fun. You can download all of Game Theory's albums here for free without feeling bad, his website is the one trying to make sure people enjoy his music.

However, you are encouraged to make a donation towards his daughters' education at the Scott Miller Family Memorial Fund.

Also, I was not aware until recently that Scott Miller had produced a book entitled MUSIC: What Happened? An ambitious piece of work covering music for half of a century, it's really good, witty, educational and funny. You can check out samples and listen to the accompanying playlists here.

Game Theory - Erica's Word

Game Theory - The World's Easiest Job

Game Theory - Not Because You Can

Loud Family - Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Loud Family - Don't Respond, She Can Tell

Loud Family - Soul Drain

Photo at top of post by Robert Toren

Friday, April 19, 2013

Record Store Day Saturday, April 20 - Whitehorse, Robyn Hitchcock, Michelle McAdorey, Public Enemy, R.E.M.!

Tomorrow is Record Store Day, a day to celebrate stores where you can buy music, talk to other people that like music, listen to music, buy some music - you know. In Canada go here to find your partipating stores, in the U.S. or other countries go here, where you can also find more videos and extra info on RSD extravaganzas. In Winnipeg, you can go to:

Argy's Collectables

Into The Music

Music Trader

Planet of Sound

War On Music Workers Cooperative

Winnipeg Folk Festival Music Store

This year there are some Canadian artists getting RSD love treatments:

Michelle McAdorey - Leave The Main Road / Line Across My Heart 7" Vinyl

Whitehorse - Devils Got A Gun (live)/ Lipstick (unreleased track) 7" Vinyl (not the live version below - go get the 7"!)

Buck 65 - Wicked and Weird from Talkin‘ Honkey Blues Double LP

Gordon Lightfoot's Sit Down Stranger, LP
Handsome Ned - In Spite Of The Danger 7" Vinyl
Serena Ryder - Harmony LP
Daniel Lanois - Acadie LP
Billy Talent's Stand Up And Run/ Sudden Movements 7“
OLP - Curve LP
Austra + GINA X - Mayan Drums

Of course, there's even more joy for music collectors out there this year, RSD keeps getting bigger and better. Here are some items I am drooling about:

Robyn Hitchcock - There Goes The Ice
The Thermals - Desperate Ground Demos 7" Vinyl
David Bowie - The Stars (Are Out Tonight) 7" Vinyl
Soundgarden - King Animal Demos Vinyl
R.E.M. - Live In Greensboro CD EP
Public Enemy - Planet Earth: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Greatest Rap Hits LP
Phoenix - Entertainment 7"
Mercury Rev - Deserted Songs LP
JD MCPHERSON - Fire Bug 7"
Built To Spill - Live LP
Big Star - Nothing Can Hurt Me Vinyl
Brendan Benson - Diamond / Good To Me (Demo Version) 7"
THE THREE O‘CLOCK - Live At The Old Waldorf Feb. 1982 LP

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Hold Steady Roar Back With a Game of Thrones Tune

The Hold Steady are releasing a limited-edition 7" for Record Store Day (this Saturday, April 20th!) with two unreleased tracks, The Bear and the Maiden Fair and Criminal Fingers. The Bear and the Maiden Fair was recorded to close out the most recent episode of Game of Thrones. The lyrics were written by George R.R. Martin (see below, courtesy of EW).

Do you know what exalted member of the press got the exclusive scoop on this new Hold Steady stuff? Entertainment Weekly. Anyone else find that a little weird?

The Bear and the Maiden lyrics:

“A bear there was,”
“A bear, A BEAR!
“All black and brown,”
“And covered with hair!

“Oh come they said,”
“Oh come to the fair!”
“The fair? said he,
“But I’m a bear!”
“All black and brown,”
“And covered in hair!”

“And down the road,”
“From here to there,”
“From here!To there!”
“Three boys, a goat,”
“And a dancing bear!”
“They danced and spun,”
“All the way to the fair!”

“Oh! sweet she was,”
“And pure and fair,”
“The maid with honey,”
“In her hair! Her hair,”
“The maid with honey,”
“in her hair!”

The bear smelled the scent,
“On the summer air!”
“The Bear! The Bear!”
“All black and brown,”
“And covered with hair!”
“He smelled the scent,”
“On the summer air,”
“He sniffed and roared,”
“And smelled it there!”
“Honey on the summer air!”

“Oh I’m a maid,”
“And I’m pure and fair,”
“I’ll never dance,”
“With a hairy bear,”
“A bear! A bear!”
“I’ll never dance,”
“With a hairy bear!”

“The bear,the bear!”
“Lifted her high,”
into the air!”
The bear, the bear!”

“I called for a knight!”
“But you’re a bear!”
“A bear! A bear,”
“All black and brown,”
“And cover in hair!”

“She kicked and wailed,”
“The maid so fair,”
“But he licked the honey,”
“From her hair!”
“Her hair! Her hair!”
“He licked the honey,”
“From her hair!”

“Then she sighed and squealed,”
“And kicked the air,”
“She sang: My bear so fair,”
“And off they went,”
“The bear! The bear!”
“And the maiden fair!”

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Indicator Indicator's New Video This Place is a Factory

Indicator Indicator have just released a video for This Place is a Factory. Blood, wine, rips, a balaclava, an excellent mustache,and above all a beautiful ballad, understated, elegant and non-cheesy.

Here's a bonus curling video we have not shared with you yet, featuring a cameo from JP Hoe!