Wednesday, April 24, 2013

RIP Scott Miller (Game Theory and The Loud Family)

Scott Miller recently passed away, and I'm not convinced that enough people got the chance to appreciate his work. His work in Game Theory and The Loud Family sometimes seemed like a missing link between Let's Active and The Three O'Clock, but Miller often painted with a wider palette. A song could veer from the sweetest folk-rock to a metallic crunch, which doesn't lend it self to top-40 airplay, but can sure be fun. You can download all of Game Theory's albums here for free without feeling bad, his website is the one trying to make sure people enjoy his music.

However, you are encouraged to make a donation towards his daughters' education at the Scott Miller Family Memorial Fund.

Also, I was not aware until recently that Scott Miller had produced a book entitled MUSIC: What Happened? An ambitious piece of work covering music for half of a century, it's really good, witty, educational and funny. You can check out samples and listen to the accompanying playlists here.

Game Theory - Erica's Word

Game Theory - The World's Easiest Job

Game Theory - Not Because You Can

Loud Family - Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Loud Family - Don't Respond, She Can Tell

Loud Family - Soul Drain

Photo at top of post by Robert Toren

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