Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thomas D'Arcy - I Wake Up Everyday, Tribute to The Monks' Bad Habits, and Other Songs to Learn and Sing. And mp3s to download.

Thomas D'Arcy seems to be some sort of pop genius that for no good reason I have not picked up on until now. I suck, I guess. I mean, I liked a few Small Sins songs, but I just didn't pick up on how great he was until now. But he seems to be producing at an almost Robert Pollard-like pace, so there's no excuse to miss out on his work anymore. He just released the I Wake Up Everyday EP, also unveiling a video for I Wake Up Everyday, and his full-length album What We Want hasn't even been out for three months yet. Check it all out below, including some awesome covers and a few mp3s you can download from Soundcloud; you can get another free mp3 if you go to his website.

I Wake Up Everyday EP

This video is BRAND SPANKIN' NEW!
I Wake Up Everyday

Mr. Business

D'arcy has also re-recorded the Monks'Bad Habits, with guests such as original Monk John Ford, Ian Blurton (c'mon etc.), Chris Murphy (Sloan), John Kastner (Doughboys), and Dave Gilby (TPOH), among others. The only hitch is, you can stream it, but you can't get it otherwise. I wanna own it!

Tribute to The Monks

Devo's Girl U Want


Never Again (as covered by Lindy)

Johnny and Mary (Small Sins cover Robert Palmer)

In the End

Talk Talk

No Complaints

I Don't Need You

Keep Your Head High

'Til I Go Home

The Good Life

North Train (Small Sins Remix)

Something's Going Down

I Took Her Love For Granted

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