Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sons of York - Forever Potential

Winnipeg cool kids Sons of York have finally released a physical version of their new ep Forever Potential. I think they called it that so they could shorten it to Forever Pot. Or maybe because one of the songs on the ep is called Forever Potential, so there's a possible connection there. Anyway, it's chock full of S.O.Y. key words like "anthemic" (Young Blood Unite), "frenetic" (the last half of Forever Potential), "melancholy joy" (Sweet Sarah), and of course "fifties-style rock 'n' roll" (Contraption, Answer).

Young Blood Unite

Forever Potential


Sweet Sarah



Have you heard the NYC Demos? Produced by Gus Van Go.

Sons of York play May 25 at The Cavern with a Waste Odyssey and 80's headband-wearing Wild Stallyns.


Anonymous said...

Scruf... Great find, are they signed yet?

cy said...

Have not heard of the band signing to any label, but I wouldn't be surprised if a band comprised of guys from the same family is wary because of what happened to the last amazing Winnipeg band of brothers in Inward Eye - big signing, lots of hype, an upward trajectory including opening for The Who on a number of dates...then a quiet fizzle before a second album and "Whatever happened to...?".