Monday, December 26, 2011

Wooden Wand - Winter in Kentucky

I don't know much about Wooden Wand. I've been told Wooden Wand is really a guy named James Jackson Toth, and Winter in Kentucky is taken from an album called Briarwood which came out in November on Fire Records. Fine funny lyrics, great organ sound, nice understated guitar, a hint of a Steve Wynn/Bob Dylan vibe...I just played it five times in a row, I'm stuck on it.

Wooden Wand - Winter In Kentucky by FIRE RECORDS

Wooden Wand - Motel Stationary by Cargorecords

Keri Latimer - Liquidation Sale

Nathan's Keri Latimer will be releasing an album called Crowsfeet and Greyskull on April 1, 2012. Here's a preview, Liquidation Sale. Lotsa layered vocals, pretty pop sounds with some Roches-like hints, looking forward to the rest. I saw her open a show by herself once long ago (Bob Mould? Robyn Hitchcock? Can't recall), I've been meaning to give her some attention since. Here it is.

Liquidation Sale by kerilatimer

Here's some more Latimer sounds, don't know if any of these will be on the album or not.

Chop shop by kerilatimer

So long (demo version) by kerilatimer

Mud and slobber demo by kerilatimer

Ray's echo by kerilatimer

John K. Samson - When I Write My Master's Thesis

I dunno about you, but I guessed that John K. Samson solo would mainly be in the folky singer-songwriter vein. Maybe not so much if the new song is indicative of the album - more straightforward than the roads The Weakerguys have been heading down, at least to my possibly gig-damaged ears. Album entitled Provincial out January 24, more info/ purchasing info here.

John K. Samson - When I Write My Master's Thesis by antirecords

Cruise Night by John K Samson by scruffy the yak

John K. Samson - Provincial Road 222 by plaidisrad

Track List:
01. Highway 1 East
02. Heart of the Continent
03. Cruise Night
04. Grace General
05. When I Write My Master's Thesis
06. Letter in Icelandic from the Ninette San
07. Longitudinal Centre
09. The Last And
10. Stop Error
11. Highway 1 West
12. Taps Reversed

You know, you can leave a comment below, it's fine with me, and no one else cares.

Yuck - What's in a Name?

I ignored Yuck for a while because I can't stand the band's name. This isn't the first time I've deliberately shied away from artists with terrible names (cough*Death Cab for Cutie*cough), but if the music is good enough, I'll get past it. Yuck's seemingly effortless stabs at 90's greats like Dinosaur Jr. or Ride eventually won me over. One of my favourite's of this year. I still don't like Soothe Me, though.

Get Away by Yuck

Milkshake by Yuck

Doctors In My Bed by Yuck

Holing Out by Yuck

Georgia by Yuck

Suicide Policeman by Yuck

Shook Down by Yuck

Soothe Me by Yuck

Rubber (Mogwai Remix) by Yuck

Natsu Nandesu by Yuck

Here's a cover of Smog's It's Rough by Oupa (a side project from Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg).

You can buy Yuck here.

Sons of York in Brief Dust-Up, Emerge Mostly Unscathed - Video Evidence

Caught this video of Winnipeg's Sons of York mining the Outsiders visual thing once more. Seems they recorded a few tunes in NY with Gus Van Go and Werner F. which are available on iTunes. I'm surprised some label hasn't snagged this band yet, but maybe those days are over. Hey, shouldn't Splendour in the Grass with this band be Splendour in the Grease?

Feel How You Wanna by SONS OF YORK

Splendor In The Grass by SONS OF YORK

Everybody's Breakin Up by SONS OF YORK

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Paul Kelly - 8-Disc Set and a Christmas Song!

Paul Kelly is one of the most amazing singer/songwriters ever hatched. Recently I was watching a documentary on Ron Sexsmith and many people were talking about how it was such a crime that he wasn't a superstar. In my opinion, Paul Kelly is another guy that should be revered much more than he has been to date. Kelly's been making exceptional music since the seventies, but I haven't heard anyone nominating him for sainthood. I'm doing that now. Let's start with a holiday song. It's not too late, you can still jump on this bandwagon.

Paul Kelly How To Make Gravy by 1888Media

Anyway, Mr. Kelly has recently releasedthe A-Z Recordings, an 8(!) cd set you may want to check out when you believe in his greatness like I do. You can buy that here.

Paul Kelly Dumb Things by 1888Media

Paul Kelly To Her Door by 1888Media

Paul Kelly From Little Things Big Things Grow by 1888Media

Paul Kelly Every Fucking City by 1888Media

Paul Kelly Nothing On My Mind by 1888Media

Paul Kelly Gathering Storm by 1888Media

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Knuckleduster - Ricky from Transcona

I know John K. Samson and The Weakerthans have been showing a few sides of Winnipeg and Manitoba. Here's a completely different element of the town from Knuckleduster.