Monday, December 26, 2011

Yuck - What's in a Name?

I ignored Yuck for a while because I can't stand the band's name. This isn't the first time I've deliberately shied away from artists with terrible names (cough*Death Cab for Cutie*cough), but if the music is good enough, I'll get past it. Yuck's seemingly effortless stabs at 90's greats like Dinosaur Jr. or Ride eventually won me over. One of my favourite's of this year. I still don't like Soothe Me, though.

Get Away by Yuck

Milkshake by Yuck

Doctors In My Bed by Yuck

Holing Out by Yuck

Georgia by Yuck

Suicide Policeman by Yuck

Shook Down by Yuck

Soothe Me by Yuck

Rubber (Mogwai Remix) by Yuck

Natsu Nandesu by Yuck

Here's a cover of Smog's It's Rough by Oupa (a side project from Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg).

You can buy Yuck here.

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