Monday, December 26, 2011

Keri Latimer - Liquidation Sale

Nathan's Keri Latimer will be releasing an album called Crowsfeet and Greyskull on April 1, 2012. Here's a preview, Liquidation Sale. Lotsa layered vocals, pretty pop sounds with some Roches-like hints, looking forward to the rest. I saw her open a show by herself once long ago (Bob Mould? Robyn Hitchcock? Can't recall), I've been meaning to give her some attention since. Here it is.

Liquidation Sale by kerilatimer

Here's some more Latimer sounds, don't know if any of these will be on the album or not.

Chop shop by kerilatimer

So long (demo version) by kerilatimer

Mud and slobber demo by kerilatimer

Ray's echo by kerilatimer

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