Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paul Kelly and Dan Kelly - An Overdue Appreciation

I went to a tiny bar awhile back and witnessed the inimitable Paul Kelly and his nephew Dan Kelly hold court over a rapt audience. Under a flickering neon light, Paul reeled off song after song that made it look like writing graceful melodies and weaving evocative narratives in verse is easy.

Paul Kelly doesn't always take good photos, so he sometimes looks a bit like Voldemort or Gollum. That is the only reason I can think of that explains why more people in this sad world haven't discovered what a stellar singer he is, what an outstanding songwriter he is, what a brilliant storyteller he is. By now even us jaded North Americans should have figured it out. I know that success in his native Australia doesn't mean it will translate over here, but I think he's played here enough and released enough music here to have achieved a higher level of notoriety. I think he probably deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Nick Drake or Jeff Buckley.

Paul Kelly - Spring and Fall Paul Kelly - Gonna Be Good Paul Kelly - To Her Door

Paul Kelly and Neil Finn - Into Temptation

Neil Finn and Paul Kelly - Full concert Live from the Sydney Opera House

Paul Kelly's nephew Dan Kelly opened the show and accompanied Paul. Dan's solo stuff sounds nothing like Paul's, with a slightly-twisted pop view, a fine sense of humour, a hint of psychedelia, and a fondness for falsetto all coming into play.

Paul Kelly and Dan Kelly - Dumb Things (Live on a tram)

Dan Kelly - Bindi Irwin Apocalypse Jam

Dan Kelly - Fire and Theft

Dan Kelly - Shake Your Mood

Dan Kelly's Dream

Poisoned Estuary Jam

Dan Kelly - Gap Year Blues
Dan Kelly - Hold On, I'm coming On Dan Kelly's Dream

Dan Kelly - I Will Release Myself Unto you

Drowning in the Fountain of Youth - Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males

Drunk on Election Night - Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males

Checkout cutie - Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males Photo at top of post by Twp.