Monday, December 30, 2013

Winnipeg and Manitoba Artists To Keep Your Eyes and Ears On

Federal Lights - I See Love

Les Jupes - Hold Me Down

Les Jupes - Love is a Battlefield

Greg McPherson - 1995

Slow Leaves - Life of a Better Man

Pop Crimes - City Head

Ken Pinchin - Why Do You Call Me

Warsaw - Carrion Talker

Sybil - April Showers

Attica Riots - Talking in Your Sleep

Del Barber - Everything is Not Enough

Cannon Bros. Soft View

Cannon Bros. - Out of Here

Scott Nolan - You Rock We Roll

Matt Epp - Learning to Lose Control

KEN Mode - Romeo Must Never Know

KEN Mode - Counter Culture Complex

Royal Canoe - Exodus of the Year

Sights & Sounds - Nothing at All

JD Edwards - Going down to Mexico

JD Edwards Band - Going Down to Mexico from Procter Bros. Industries on Vimeo.

- Tangled Feet

Shotgun Jimmie - Suzie

Shotgun Jimmie - Captain Howdy

Shotgun Jimmie - Mind Crumb

Les Sexy - La La La

Former Winnipeggers you may want to give some attention? Here you go.

Garfield/Odario Williams keeps getting more ambitious and broadening his palette. If he becomes a star in music, film, television or otherwise I will not be surprised.

Grand Analog - Howl (Like Wolves)

Jahmeel Russell has been putting out his own stuff with Red Vienna, working with Fine Times, and is now playing with San Angelus. Quit being so lazy, slacker.

Red Vienna - Lights Out

San Angelus - All Bets on the Slow Kid

Fine Times - And it Happened at Midnight

Luke Doucet is doing pretty well with Whitehorse. It's about time he got the respect and success he deserves.

Whitehorse - Devils's Got a Gun

Upcoming/Due for some new music?
The Mariachi Ghost - Mariachi Ghost

JP Hoe - Nothing's Going to Harm You

Ridley Bent - Crooked and Loaded
Ridley Bent - Nine Inch Nails

John K. Samson - Letter in Icelandic From the Ninette San

Scott Hinkson - All I Need

The Rowdymen - Ode to Possum

The Rowdymen - Rode Hard


Jeff said...

Ever hear of a guy named Del Barber? If not, you will. He's due or a major breakthrough. Definitely deserving of a mention!

chris yak said...

I actually thought I included Del Barber, but I goofed. He's in there now, thanks for the reminder!

Dave said...

Sibyl is pretty new, but they are worth watching. They just had a packed house playing at the time's changed.

Anonymous said...

Watch for the new Slow Leaves full length. The recently released EP is outstanding. One of Winnipeg's best kept secrets. Hopefully not for long.

chris yak said...

Dave, thank you for your input. I actually was going to include Sybil, but started to find other bands with similar names and got stuck in that rabbit hole. I have now included that video.

Anonymous, I am really looking forward to the Slow Leaves album, supercurious.

Sibyl said...

As a very new band on the Winnipeg music scene, we are beyond flattered that we are included in this wonderful list of amazingly talented artists. Thanks very much!