Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Pixies Ear! New, Better Gigantic? EP-2 & Video for Blue-eyed Hexe

Like a surprise party, Pixies the other day released the second EP in what seems to be a series. EP-2 has four songs just like last year's EP-1, but Black Francis, Joey Santiago and David Lovering have offered a few comments on each song. Francis tells us that Blue-Eyed Hexe is a "witch-woman kind of a song", check out the video below. Santiago says Magdalena was born out of "weird Moog pedals that sounded like water". Francis suggests that "we basically needed a better Gigantic", and Greens and Blues "fills the emotional niche that ‘Gigantic’ occupied, another show-closer". Santiago reveals that Snakes came required him to include "sliding guitar just to emulate a snake".

For those that didn't think the first EP fixed their old-school Pixies jones, these tracks might do the trick, because it seems the band was trying to emulate its own past. Sounds good to me, even more like the Pixies of yore than the first four on EP-1.

You can purchase numerous formats and packages at the Pixies website.

Blue-eyed Hexe


Greens and Blues


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