Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dum Dum Girls - Too True, Rimbaud Eyes and Sundry Free MP3s

The new record from Dum Dum Girls entitled Too True enters our world on Jan. 28. New single Rimbaud Eyes is an easy ear-worm chorus, familiar flat rat-a-tat 80's drum sounds, and reverb-drenched chiming gtr - what's not to like? Head DDG Dee Penny says she hears a number of influences in her new songs, Suede, Siouxsie, Cold-wave Patti, Madonna, and The Cure, among others. Some of her songs in the past have recalled Mazzy Star, early Cult, and Divinyls to my ears, so I think you can sense where her sensibilities lie. Even the album cover looks like 1989 to me.

Rimbaud Eyes

Lost Boys and Girls Club

Too True Tracklist:
1. Cult Of Love
2. Evil Blooms
3. Rimbaud Eyes
4. Are You Okay
5. Too True To Be Good
6. In The Wake Of You
7. Lost Boys And Girls Club
8. Little Minx
9. Under These Hands
10. Trouble Is My Name

 Pre-order Too True on LP or CD from Sub Pop here.

 Here are some older tunes for ya, and the first few are free to download and pass on (click on the artist's name and open it in Soundcloud to DL).
Bed Room Eyes
Coming Down
He Gets Me High
Lord Knows
Jail La La
Wrong Feels Right

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