Saturday, January 11, 2014

Inbreds - Best Canadian songs of all Time No. 9

This series of posts will be offering the definitive list of the best Canuck tunes ever recorded, scientifically tabulated, collated and obfuscated by the Brain of Scruff, in absolutely-not numerical order. Check out the list so far here.

How amazing can a rock band become with only two instruments? Clearly a lot of people jumped on The White Stripes bandwagon. But years before that pair managed to pull off garagey hits, The Inbreds were a duo that made their mark primarily featuring only bass, drums and voice. Joyrides of fuzzy bass propelled bittersweet choruses, oft-restrained percussion gave way to cymbal-crashing waves, voices straddled an invisible line between euphoria and melancholy.

The Inbreds - Any Sense of Time

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