Sunday, December 1, 2013

hHead - Best Canadian Songs of All Time No. 8

This series of posts will be offering the definitive list of the best Canuck tunes ever recorded, scientifically tabulated, collated and obfuscated by the Brain of Scruff, in absolutely-not numerical order. Check out the list so far here.

hHead filled a void in Canada which was taken up in the States by bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Meat Puppets. Guitar-based rock, laconic vocals, the ability to veer towards weirdness without always falling into a pit of bizarre ridiculousness. hHead had some catchy songs, and though the band's presentation included some fine harmonies, pop wasn't really in the guys' vocabulary. There also weren't easy signposts for punk and metal in their tunes, so listeners had to really pay attention to find the hooks to hang on to. Remedial is indicative of hHead's ability to write a pleasureable tune, then let it slide into slacker-rock, with Mintz's laid-back vocals intoning, "Welcome to special ed, get your education spoon-fed, now I think that I I have to be so well-rounded?"


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