Sunday, June 29, 2014

They Might Be Giants - First Album Live Free Download

They Might Be Giants are handing out a free album download, a live recording of their first album, replete with stage banter. It is really quite good. Sometimes TMBG remind me of Devo in that both bands could represent an alternate version of punk. If you have ever listened to really early Devo, you know what I mean. You can get it here if the widget is not appearing below for you.

Here's an older live tune for ya.

She's An Angel

TMBG recently released Idlewild, a compilation album featuring Tesla, Am I Awake, The Mesopotamians, Careful what You Pack, Can't Keep Johnny Down, You're On Fire, and 11 more tracks from the last decade or so.

The Mesopotamians

Tesla - 9 different audio/video remixes!

The band will give you one version of the song if you go here.

Am I Awake

The band also has a nifty free app (pictured above) if you are a fan, instant music.

 Regular TMBG bassist Danny Weinkauf also launched his solo children's music album entitled No School Today. You all know that TMBG's NO! is the best children's album ever, right?

Ice Cream


It's the end of June. Here's a snazzy tune called Santa Claus.

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