Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada Day Performers at the Forks - Del Barber, Les Jupes, The Perms, Federal Lights, Yes We Mystic and more

Truckloads of fine artists at the Forks for Canada Day. Maybe the best thing about Winnipeg and Manitoba is the quality of music emanating from here.

 Big Smoke by Del Barber
Flashlight by Yes We Mystic
I See Love by Federal Lights
The Parent Thing by The Perms

 Hold Me Down by Les Jupes

Swarm by Indicator Indicator

Chair And A Rope Eagle by Lake Owls

4:00 PM Yes We Mystic
4:40 PM Dignitaries/ O Canada
5:00 PM The Perms
6:00 PM Indicator Indicator
7:00 PM Oh My Darling
8:00 PM Federal Lights
9:00 PM Del Barber
10:00 PM Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
10:40 PM WSO and Del Barber
11:00 PM Fireworks ...plus Mama Cutsworth spinning between acts

3:30 PM Drum Cafe
5:30 PM Kasm
6:30 PM Marco Castillo
7:30 PM Hana Lu Lu
8:30 PM Les Jupes
9:30 PM BB-Gun

 RAILBRIDGE STAGE   Stage moved inside The Forks Market to centre court
 3:00 PM Kevin Roy
4:00 PM Eagle Lake Owls
5:00 PM Jess Reimer

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