Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day Music, Enjoy it All Year Long

More than 30 Canadian artists for ya, many mp3 downloads available. Take off.

Provincial Archive - Son of Sam

Blunderspublik - Reason (Hushfeed cover feat. Jay Churko)

Slow Leaves - Second Chances

Devin Cuddy - Forty-Four

Greg MacPherson - Fireball

Attica Riots - Talking in Your Sleep

Dustin Bentall & The Smøkes - "Souvenirs" (free download)

Elephant Stone - Knock You From Yr Mountain

Jose Contreras - Past the Stars

Distances - Chance to Trust

Darcys - Hymn for a Missing girl

Distances - Boulders EP

New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers

Simply Saucer - Bulletproof Nothing

Dub Rifles - Testify

Bry Webb - Receive Me

Sunparlour Players - For This I Can't Be Sure

Comeback Kid - Should Know Better

Michael Rault - Lost Something

Danks - Summer Lovin

Fools Crow

Tony Dekker - Carefree Highway

Ridley Bent - Fill Yer Boots

Dan Boeckner's Operators

Sights & Sounds - Poli's song

Constantines - Young Lions

Whitehorse - Pins & Needles

Eamon McGrath - Instrument of My Release

Solids - Haze Away

Greys - Guy Picciotto

Dearly Beloved - Olympics of No Regard

Young Rival - Elevator

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