Sunday, July 27, 2014

Art Bergmann - Drones of Democracy

Art Bergmann is back with a new tune called Drones of Democracy, taken from an ep entitled either Songs for the Underclass or Slogans for the Underclass, I'm not sure which. The 4-track ep should be out in the fall on Weewerk Records.

"The making of a sleeper cell. Drones manufactured in the heart of America. How to explain the use of advanced weapons, cluster-bombs, made to shred tanks. Weapons used on innocents, man, woman, and child alike. If you think Neil Young wrote this, well yeah, I wanted my own Cortez." -Art

So we are finally treated to some new Artmusic, the first since 1995's What Fresh Hell Is This. If you've been paying attention here, you already know how highly Scruffy treasures Bergmann. Clearly he still has things to say, can't wait to hear the rest.

Drones of Democracy

Some older ones from back through the ages to refresh your memory.

My Empty House

Stop the Time

Hospital Song


Faithlessly Yours

Dirge No. 1

Young Canadians - Hawaii

Message From Paul

Our Little Secret

The K-Tels- Don't Tell Me

Poisoned - Yeah I Guess

Bound for Vegas

Tour dates:
07/25-27 Calgary, AB - Calgary Folk Music Festival
09/06 Vancouver BC - Commodore Ballroom

Artwork at top of post by David Cran.

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Doug said...

Art Bergmann should have been a star.He put out many excellent albums.Apparently he was his own worst enemy.It is good to see Art back and look forward to getting his new ep.I am about to pull out my Art Bergmann CDs for an Art marathon.