Friday, July 18, 2014

Blunderspublik - Reason (Hushfeed cover feat. Jay Churko)

Blunderspublik's new ep Kittens & Shit: Blunderspublik's Homage to '90s Winnipeg is now out for your listening pleasure and edification. Hushfeed, Kittens, Mikimoto, Bonaduces and Shit covers/reimaginings. You can download here, physical copies should be available soon from Sfeericle Records.

 I love the idea of paying tribute to your own hometown.

Here's a few originals from the originators. It would be fun to hear newer acts like Greg MacPherson, Sons of York, Cannon Bros., Attica Riots, Warsaw, etc. do Streetheart, Stretchmarks, Breath Grenades, Harlequin, Liquid Bone Dance, QCK, or Grand Theft Canoe etc. and vice versa. Who can make this happen?

Hushfeed - Reason

The Bonaduces - Judy Blume Weekend

Newer Bonaduces:

Kittens - Butterfly

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