Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eels new thing - Fresh Blood

Sterogum is now sharing the Eels' eerie/silly new video for "Fresh Blood". Here's part of the introduction:

"[T]he name of the new album Hombre Lobro means "werewolf." Continuing directly along that dark, creepy, and hairy course, the video for "Fresh Blood"'s shot at night with a red haze that looks bloody in the Carrie sense. The clip features an extremely bearded, lycanthropic E -- nice wolf walking stick...".

I like the song, it's menacing but tuneful. The video's fine too if you like watching music (not Scruffy's preferred ingestion mode). But wolves and werewolves seem to be everywhere these days. Blitzen Trapper's Furr is often playing in my vehicle or mp3 player, and somehow Wolf Parade and Sea Wolf have invaded my ears in the last week- I can't even keep track of all the other bands with wolf in their name or album title. What gives?

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