Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello Red Vienna

You know that disappointment when a band you follow implodes? I was saddened when Projektor gave up the ghost. The Winnipeg-based quartet's urgent brand of sweeping melancholy and angsty hyped-up caffeine-guitar injections hit the spot. And the secret weapon was drummer Darren Achorn, one of the best traps men I've ever heard. But Projektor faded, and singer/songwriter-sometime-guitarist-sometime-bassist Jahmeel Russell went off to play with Hide Your Daughters, Mico and Black Halos, adding a move to Vancouver somewhere in there. So I was more than a little pleasantly surprised when I got a message that Russell had finally put together a new sonic vehicle. Red Vienna is a brand-spankin' new band from Vancouver, and now there's a brand-spankin' new EP out there for you to taste; you can get it here.

01 The Best Words - Red Vienna by scruffy the yak

Track Listing:
1. The Best Words 03:26
2. Low Lights 03:22
3. Blood Letter 04:20
4. Victory Victoria 03:55
5. The Long Walk 04:08
6. Reprise

You can also snag Projektor's farewell EP, Atlantic Tired South, even if your pockets are empty, by going here.

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