Friday, May 21, 2010

The Alphabet

photo used under Creative Commons by fedecomite

A is for Albatross, not just an old Monty Python catchword, but a nifty litle tune from the new Besnard Lakes disc, The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night.

The Besnard Lakes-Albatross by inertiamusic

B is for Bad Religion, who celebrate 30 years of corrosive yet melodic punk. A live album is your for the asking, go here.

C is for C'mon by The Soft Pack.

The Soft Pack by The Soft Pack

D is for Dio. And Tenacious D.

E is for Elephant Stone. Because everyone loves a gratuitous Rickenbacker shot.

F is for Flaming Groovies. Is this the best power pop song ever?

G is for Gord Downie, the last Renaissance Man.

H is for Hoodoo Gurus, back with a new album and a poking-fun-at-Metallica video.

Hoodoo Gurus - Crackin' Up [Official Video] from Hoodoo Gurus on Vimeo.

I is for Infinite Arms, the new album from Band of Horses. You can also check out thee band's newest video, For Annabelle, here, as well as hearing the whole thing.

J is for Jim Kerr and his new thing, Lostboy. Get a free download here.

K is for Kathryn Calder (New Pornographers, Immaculate Machine), who will be releasing her debut solo record Are You My Mother? on August 3rd. Cool-lookin' cat, huh?

Kathryn Calder- Slip Away by scruffy the yak

L is for Lefty by Wheat Pool. Walking in high heels in the snow, big white sky, Manitoba mention in the lyrics - that's the prairies.

M is for Martha and the Muffins - Mess. It ain't Echo Beach, or even Danseparc, but it's all right for a comeback single.

N is for New Inheritors, the song Wintersleep want you to stick on a mixtape.

O is for Orono by The Wilderness of Manitoba. Of course, the band's from Toronto, not the keystone province, but The Wilderness of Ontario was not rustic or romantic enough for a nom de plume. I'm guessing.

THE WILDERNESS OF MANITOBA - Orono Park from Mitch Fillion on Vimeo.

P is for The Police. The always fine Music Ruined My Life blog has given us a series of posts sharing earlier stuff, and it is good, very good.

Q is for Queensryche. And Dio.

R is for Rome by Dog Day, dreamy indie-pop with a pretty little zombie video. Why are zombies so popular these days? Recently, a couple of kids in my grade 10 English class tried to sneak zombies into every conversation and every assignment. Although I'm not one of those zombie-obssessed fellows, my reading material has taken on a living dead bent lately. John Ajvide Lindqvist, the author of Let the Right One In, has written a thankfully unique take on coming back to life, Handling the Undead. I recommend it. I also picked up The Dylan Dog Case Files, which weirdly enough contains a scene in which a stereotypical "punk" band plays Somebody Super Like You from the Phantom of the Paradise soundtrack.

Rome - DOG DAY from Seth Smith on Vimeo.

S is for San Antone by White Oklahoma Cowbell. Free download here.

T is for Winnipeg's The Telepathic Butterflies. From the new album out June 15, Wow & Flutter!, here's Circle Man, as well as A Scathing Report from 2008's Breakfast in Suburbia.

The Telepathic Butterflies-Circle Man by scruffy the yak

Telepathic Butterflies - A Scathing Report by Skeebop

U is for ukelele and Sanfordandsongs's bluegrass blitz.

W is for When Will This Heartache End from the upcoming (June 1st) reissue of The Blue Shadows record On the Floor of Heaven. You remember Winnipeg's Jeffrey Hatcher, don't you? Billy Cowsill? These guys were both ahead of their time and excellent revivalists, I hope they get noticed this time around.

The Blue Shadows-When Will This Heartache End by scruffy the yak

X is for the Goo Goo Dolls Extended available from the aforementioned Music Ruined My Life blog. Covers of I wanna Destroy You by the Soft Boys, Hit or Miss by The Damned, a couple more good ones and a couple I'm not sure about - tell me what you think.

Y is for a Free Yep roc sampler featuring:

1. The Apples in Stereo - Atom Bomb
2. Chuck Prophet - Bring On The Love
3. Bell X1 - The Snowman
4. Peggy Sue - Alice In The Kitchen
5. Dave Alvin - Krazy and Ignatz
6. John Doe - The Big Blue House
7. Liam Finn - I Will Explode
8. Drink Up Buttercup - King Day
9. Paul Weller - Rise and Fall
10. Los Straitjackets - Twist and Slide
11. Reckless Kelly - Pickin' Up Cans
12. Robyn Hitchcock - No Way Out of Time
13. The Gourds - Drunk Song

<a href="">No Way Out of Time by Yep Roc Records</a>

Z is for ZZ Top.


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