Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dawes - Little Bit of Everything is Scruffy's Fave of Last Year

Dawes got even better with the release of Nothing is Wrong last year, and it's beyond me why these guys haven't been on SNL or got the buzz that say, Black Keys or Black Lips gets. Maybe they should change the name to Black Dawes, but that's a tad too close to Black Crowes. Anyhow, Dawes for me brings out some Jackson Browne comparisons, a guy for whom I have never really given much time, but I like Dawes so much I might give him a real try. Dawes also reminds me of Warren Zevon, that edge and wry sense of humour that fits in rock 'n' roll like a prairie dog fits in Saskatchewan. If you make it to the bottom of this post you'll hear Dawes with Browne and Jonathan Wilson doing a Zevon classic. Go.

Little Bit of Everything by Dawes on Grooveshark

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