Saturday, April 7, 2012

Red Vienna - Low Lights, Blood Letter

Vancouver's Red Vienna isn't one of those artists that put out a new tune every five minutes (Hello, Robert Pollard!), so when something new comes around, it's not a tossed-off snippet, it's a song worth your time. The band's one some people have been watching becuase it's interesting to see what happens to promising, ambitious music-makers in today's music biz climate. Do major labels in Canada still sign artists before they have had some kind of hit? Is there an indie label that's a good fit for a band like Red Vienna?

I don't think there are lot of music artists in Canada making a good living simply doing their thing. Red Vienna doesn't have any big gimmicks to grab attention that I know of, but they make accessible tunes, often melodic with an edge, and they don't sound like many others. Just listen to the first 60 seconds of Low Lights below, I think you'll agree that Red Vienna is the bee's knees.

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