Friday, May 31, 2013

The Headstones Are Back

After a long time away, after 10 years without an album, The Headstones are back with a new album entitled Love and Fury. They sound exactly the same, no big bout of experimentation here, just raw rock and roll. I wasn't the biggest fan of the band back in the day, but now The Headstones seem more necessary to me - no garage rock or grunge influences, just punk energy with chops. I'm curious to see if the band can regain or grow their audience from all those years ago. Clearly some fans have become really excited, funding the album recording through Pledgemusic - last I checked, 1626 pledges were made, from $10 up to $5000, for everything from a phone call from Hugh Dillon to Headstones Marionettes (pledging is finished, but you can see the crazy list here).


Long Way to Neverland

You can buy the album now from the usual places or direct from the band's website here.

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