Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Simple Minds - Big Music VS Old School Simple Minds

Interesting take on Early Simple Minds versus the latter-day band posted on the band's facebook page, not very flattering of the work done since 1982. But how many artists who made good records in the 80s have been able to do so continuously? We can't expect artists to be like they were 30 years ago. Anyway, fans like guys in Manic Street Preachers (read here or here) feel the band was exceptional in the late 70s and first years of the 80s, and some have said tracks from Simple Minds' new album Big Music contains hints of that greatness.

Honest Town

Blood Diamonds (Live)

Broken Glass Park


Kill or Cure


Compare to much older sounds:

New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) (7" Remix)


I Travel

I Travel (John Leckie 2012 Mix)

Boys From Brazil

Chelsea Girl
The American

Theme For Great Cities (Moby Remix)

Homosapien (Vince Clarke Remix)

Sons And Fascination - Live 2009 -

Pleasantly Disturbed

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