Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jay Bennet VS Wilco & Jeff Tweedy Part 2

Tweedy explains he "Can't help it if you love us! And we love you! Wilco will love you."
photo by Nadia Chaudhury

In an unprecedented move, former Wilco bandmember Jay Bennett has launched a second civil suit against both Wilco and Jeff Tweedy. The suit alleges that Wilco/Tweedy did "willfully become cooler, more popular, and more commercially successful" after he was ousted from the band. Bennett's lawsuit, which seems to have been drawn up by lawyer Justin Kidding, cites recent appearances on the Colbert Show, extensive Wilco touring schedules, and ubiquitous music blog tags for both Tweedy and Wilco as evidence.
Bennett has said, "I'm doing some pretty cool things now. Why can't we talk about that?"
Although Tweedy could not be reached for a response, the guitar that sometimes speaks for him said, "All of those claims are true...can he really sue us for that?"

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