Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Name Game: Crocodiles vs. Alligators

Photo by bobster 855 from here.

Has every possible band name based on the English language been used already? Probably not yet, but the tipping point may be coming soon. This series of posts is being created to ensure you can tell the which from the what.

Crocodiles are a much-buzzed-about band from San Diego who put out a little album called Summer of Hate. Flaunting influences like Jesus & Mary Chain and Echo & the Bunnymen on their sleeves instead of hearts, the band sounds like fuzzy joy that all the cool kids can like. Free mp3s for ya here courtesy Stereogum.

I Wanna Kill - Crocodiles

Alligators is a Seattle band coming at things from a much more smooth, dreamy hyper-melodic pop angle - sounds a bit like the pop genius of Nada Surf. Free mp3s here courtesy of Largehearted Boy. Unfortunately, there's another band called The Alligators that has received some attention. The band from Provo, Utah includes a female frontperson and is a little more herky-jerky indie pop than my Seattle pals. You grab some free mp3s here or here courtesy of You Ain't No Picasso and Skatterbrain.

Where Does It Hide - Alligators

As a bonus, here's some reference points for both Crocodiles and Alligators.

I Like What You Say - Nada Surf

Just Like Honey - The Jesus And Mary Chain

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