Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Watchmen: More than a classic rock nostalgia trip?

Further to my previous post on The Watchmen and questions concerning touring on old songs, drummer Sammy Kohn has indicated that some new songs will be floating our way on the Web some day soon. A message sent to Alan Cross explains:

"Our agent has received several requests for dates this summer and we’ve accepted a few. In an effort to not completely be living in the past we have some new songs in preparation that we plan to offer as free downloads in the coming months."

Curiouser and curiouser. The last cd the band put out was electronic-flavoured, but the last disc Daniel Greaves (Doctor) put out was pretty straightforward rock. Will new songs follow in the vein of Silent Radar, the last one Sammy Kohn played on? And how many is "some" - 2 songs? 3? An ep or a full album? Heck, I'd probably settle for properly recorded version of songs like Everywhere is Grey or Seven Times, songs I've heard live that never made it onto commercially available discs. At any rate, maybe the group's gonna stick around for a while, because a new website was launched - although there's not much on it yet.

Reil Munro, A Winnipeg film maker also has a band documentary in the works that will be completed in September. Here’s the trailer.

What's your vote for song for Danny to perform a cappella? I'm pumping for him to cover Valerie, the Kooks tune as covered by Amy Winehouse. Comment below.

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