Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eels Give Live In-studio Tunes Away

Eels are getting in on the music-giveaway game, with 5 songs performed in the studio (by main Eel E alone, actually) free for you to download here. A 12" vinyl version is also available for pre-order here, which includes extra song "The Longing"; it'll be out September 1st.

The live songs are available from MySpace Transmissions, where you can see E perform the tunes as well as some interview footage. See E play his beautiful cream-cloured six-string and tickle the ivories. Do you think the big beard helps him sing with such a roughlysweet voice? Here's E and his pretty sky-blue guitar performing My Beloved Monster.

EELS "My Beloved Monster" from The MySpace Transmissio

I gotta admit that although I liked E's solo records in the early nineties, Eels were never high on my list. But looking back now, a new listen to a tune like Novocaine for the Soul reveals a song that's aged pretty well.

The new stuff is even better. Here's In My Dreams from Hombre Loco (another wolf/werewolf reference! Do you think Eels' werewolf-dropping has anything to do with the beard? Post coming soon about all of this wolf and werewolf mania.)

I first really started appreciating Eels when the band released the amazing With Strings: Live From Town Hall. Although not included on the album, here's a Prince cover with strings.

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