Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grand Analog

Althought a few of Scruffy's recent posts have given you mash-ups, Grand Analog offers mash-ups of their own, smoothly weaving rap with pop, soul, reggae and rock elements (even tinges of jazz) like supreme alchemists.

For Scruffy, who grew up on Dad's Elvis, Beatles and Johnny Cash records, urban music has remained somewhat of a mystery. On Canada's prairies, it just wasn't easily accessible. Grandmaster Flash's message left an indelible impression, but it was years before more hooked me. Public Enemy and De La Soul and N.W.A. were all impossible to ignore, along with all of the early rap/pop crossovers that I don't find essential (Tone Loc? Young MC? MC Hammer? Leave 'em in the 80's). I had to learn some more when I had to interview Naughty By Nature and Dream Warriors, but I was still stuck in the rock realm. My musical tastes were formed by my older brother, Creem magazine, and staid rock radio.

But Grand Analog? These guys bring in so many disparate elements I gotta pay attention. Since yesterday was my hometown's summer (it was a one day thing), I wanted to give you the perfect summer song. Here's Electric City (featuring Shad) from the album Metropolis is Burning).

"I was a record-shop nerd with a mission", Odario proclaims, and it's true - you can tell. Catchy chorus, old school keyboard, real drums, fine funkified scratchy 70's guitar - what's not to like? Download here if you like, buy the whole album at discerning music stores anyoldwhere.

Here's the video for Her Daddy (Don't Like Me), featuring a cool Bo Diddley riff, a silky-smooth chorus, some understated acid guitar, handclaps, whistles, and mouth harp, and a fun vibe that's clearly a part of where Grand Analog is at.

Grand Analog have a few tour dates immediately before CMJ in October.

Aug 13: Pawn Shop (w/ Lioness) - Edmonton, AB
Aug 14: Amigo’s (w/ Lioness) - Saskatoon, SK
Aug 15: The Pyramid (w/ Lioness) - Winnipeg, MB
Oct 22: CMJ - Arlene's Grocery - New York, NY

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