Thursday, October 15, 2009

Malcolm Burn & Boys Brigade

Recently I was watching a Canadian Bradcasting Corp. (the Corpse) TV show on Canadian 80's music. I was disappointed that interesting Canuck stuff wasn't included. For some reason, Boys Brigade popped into mind.

I know, I know, bad, terribly dated video. Ignore it and listen to the song, understated vocals, tasteful guitar colours and percussion (3, count 'em 3, rhythmic raconteurs), and it's all not overly-produced - a remarkable feat for the 1980s. Incidentally, Rush's Geddy Lee produced it. Considering how far away from the full-palette former proggers Boys Brigade were, it's an intersting marriage - nicely done.

Ok, the video is still dated, but it's maybe not as bad as Melody. I don't like video anyway. The song again is not overblown and cheesy, maybe that's why the band wasn't a huge hitmaking machine.

Singer/songwriter/keyboardist Malcolm Burn want on to release one decent solo album (1988's Redemption). He also went on to become a producer and engineer of renown, working with, among others:

Bruce Springsteen
Peter Gabriel
Brian Eno
Ryan Adams
Jeff Buckley
Neil Young
Tom Verlaine
Lucinda Williams
Steve Earle
Bob Dylan
Daniel Lanois
Emmylou Harris
Iggy Pop
Midnight Oil
Blue Rodeo
Patti Smith
Giant Sand
The Neville Brothers
Chris Whitley

Not bad for a regular fella with dyed yellow hair and a red-and-black checked shirt, huh?

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