Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween hangover mixtape 09

Photo from emergencyfan 2000

Ah, Halloween. So many songs, so little time. Technical difficulties prevented this post from getting out on time (I had to do it twice!), so here's a halloween hangover mix. Kudos to Condemned to Rock 'N' Roll, snuhthing/anything, and Some Velvet Blog for adding to my arsenal.

White Stripes do Tegan and Sara and it sounds pretty much the same. Spooky?

White Stripes - Walking With a Ghost (download mp3 here)

I wonder what Halloween is like in the UK, can someone leave a comment and edify me? Do they celebrate it in Japan?

Japan - Halloween (download mp3 here)

We've all had spooky girlfriends, haven't we? Luckily I've never had one on Halloween, but we also know someone who has, right?

Elvis Costello - Spooky Girlfriend (download mp3 here)

Mr. Carroll is now one of those people who died, but his ghost may be watching you right now. Look behind you.

Jim Carroll - People Who Died (download mp3 here)

Dream Syndicate and head dreamer Steve Wynn deserve your attention. Though DS is long gone, Wynn still consistently puts out quality.

Dream Syndicate - Halloween (download mp3 here)

Ultra-catchy in an 80's style, this should have been a huge hit, and I can see M83 becoming the next big thing from France.

M83 - Graveyard Girl (download mp3 here)

Don't know a thing about That Ghost, but they sure got the Velvets/Dream Syndicate drone and jangle thing going on.

That Ghost - Never Have Fun (download mp3 here)

Screaming Tribesmen had a fine tune called She's a Living Vampire, but this girl vampire track is some kinda all right too. I'm a sucker for garage-pop from Oz with goofy band names, how about you?

Screaming Tribesmen - Date With a Vampyre (download mp3 here)

Not a very scary song unless you fear profanity, but wouldn't this have been a vampire weekend? Just another song I don't mind recommending again.

Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma (download mp3 here)

I almost forgot some Can-con, didn't I? For shame.

The Tragically Hip - I'm a Werewolf, Baby

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