Saturday, November 7, 2009

Free Pixies EP

Pixies are giving away 4 live mp3s, track listing is Do the Manta Ray, Monkey Gone to Heaven, Crackity Jones, Gouge Away. Recorded in Paris on October 16th, the sound is all snap-crackle-pop in the best way: snappin' percussion, cracklin' vox from Black Francis, poppin' bass (and audible backing vox!) from Ms. Deal. I am gutted that I can't catch any of the Doolittle shows. I've loved that record for 20 years, it's still my favourite Pixies album (one of my all-time favourites by anyone, actually). However, I'm still a little sad that the band can't put out a new one after getting back together and playing shows for years now. Video from last night on Conan below:

At any rate, Black Francis/Frank Black has been putting out fine recordings since the last Pixies studio album, so I can't really complain. Did you know he has also put out a fun little eighties-style pop record with his wife Violet Clark? Grand Duchy offers up synth-happy art-pop with male and female voices trading off, and it ain't necessarily what you'd expect from one of the guys who set the stage for Nirvana et al, but that's why it's cool.

Grand Duchy - A Strange Day (download mp3 here)

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