Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ryan Dahle is the new deal

I've been trying to get around to posting about Vancouverite Ryan Dahle. He recently released his first solo album, Irrational Anthems, and now there's a new video for Beta King Stilts. Dahle may still be better known for his time in Age of Electric (remember Remote Control? Ugly?) or his time fronting the under-appreciated Limblifter, but his new record is a different animal. (An aside: a relative of mine once appeared in an Age of Electric video swinging her red tresses around shamelessly; were any of you in that one too?) More art-rock or quirky pop than his other vehicles, some of the songs are reminiscent of a a bizarro-world New Pornographers, which is interesting considering that brother Kurt also played in Age of Electric and Limblifter before hooking up with the New Pornos. I'm not big on video, but the song's a fine example of the new Dahle (New Deal?); an arrangement that lets each instrument have its own space (dig those trumpet sparks!), vocals that seem wickedly strong and preciously fragile in the same breath, melodic bassline, perfectly underplayed piano, propulsive without going over-the-top geetar...Scruffy eats this up.

Find more videos like this on R Y A N D A H L E

I don't think this is an official video, some fan just posted it on YouTube. Neverthess, Chop Chop is a good indicator of the kind of sleeper Dahle seems to be able to write in his sleep. I can imagine him waking up with a fully-realized track in his head, and the more he tracks in the studio, the more it hits the bullseye. "Okay, just THINK of Keith Moon, don't play exactly like him...brighter guitar sound, check, exquisite backing vocals, check, clearly-audible inscrutable lyrics, check..." Listen to it three times and it will live with you forever.

Limblifter - Vicious (download mp3 here)

Limblifter - Ariel vs. Lotus (download mp3 here)

Limblifter - Drug Induced (download mp3 here)

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