Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sons of York

A few weeks back, when Winnipeg was experiencing a wonderful-yet-uncommonly warm November, Sons of York released their debut full-length, Black and White Summer. Coincidence? I think not. The brash energy of the band held back the normal onset of frosty eyebrows and toque-hair. I hear the power of early Police, the cheeky fun of The Undertones, maybe the well-crafted tunemanship (is that a word?) of The Payolas. Influences listed on the band's myspace site include The Hollies, Blue Shadows, and Jenny Lewis, which is a nice change from the usual. Dunno where the disco-funk-pop of the title track comes from, but it works somehow.

Black and White Summer (live)

Sons of York - Runnin' Home to River Heights (taken fom Black and White Summer)

Sons of York - Grass Don't Grow (taken fom Black and White Summer)

Sons of York - If Ya Can' Get a Girl (download mp3 here)(taken from 2008's Chicks, Dudes, Bad Attitudes ep)

Doesn't this video look like 1985, after the band members fell in love with The Outsiders? Sodapop, Ponyboy, and Darry?

Three-part harmonies, clean-cut greasers, ultra-catchy songs, obscure Winnipeg references...what more could you ask for? And if the circus-like atmosphere of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers has got you down, at least former Bomber Trevor Kennerd produced these guys - did I mention they're all brothers (Luke, Jake and Cody Kennerd)?


John White said...

Diggin the Sons of York... Trevor considers himself York then? York Street?

Albert Bannatyne said...

Nice songs, would be good if they can break into the big leagues. But, the name is a bit of a turnoff - has any "Sons of.." band ever made it big? Sons of Freedom? Sons of the Desert?