Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scruffy's Grab Bag Pt. 2: Big Audio Dynamite, Radiohead, The Cars, Robotanists, Foster the People, The Darkness, and Bad Brains

No time for weighty, introspective posts these days, but we can spew out some gems that snagged our eye, with no theme, rhyme or reason.

Big Audio Dynamite and Mick Jones were never revered like Joe Strummer, but I see no reason he shouldn't get his due. I loved Strummer's records since he made his "comeback", but B.A.D. has probably got more play over the decades, especially while Strummer was moving through his wilderness years. In retrospect, Big Audio Dynamite's first album was ahead of its time, don't you think? Big Audio Dynamite are the latest to get back together, playing shows and recording a new album, according to slicing up eyeballs.

Big Audio Dynamite - Rush - Electric Picnic 2011 by ElectricPicnic

Big Audio Dynamite - Applecart by pcagx

Of course, Jones had been making music not too dissimilar from B.A.D. with Tony James in Carbon/Silicon, as well as giving lots of it away online.

The Best Man by Carbon/Silicon

Another reunion/reformation? The Darkness! Insert your own catsuit/falsetto joke here. I loved A thing Called Love, especially the way it sounds like Justin Hawkins sounds like he says "Fing Called Love".

Sat on this one for awhile, 'cause I'm pretty sure everyone was Radioheaded out. But Robotanists covered all of King of Limbs within 24 hours of its release (thanks to At Constant Speed). It's a free download, but you may want to check it out and grab it quick - I notice someone has removed all but one of the King of Limb tracks I posted from Soundcloud, so this might disappear soon as well.

Never heard of Foster the People, and I certainly don't like the name, but SXSW always brings out something interesting. Somebody wrote that they were a synth band and name-dropped Duran duran, but I think they sometimes sound like a cross between MGMT and World Party.

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks by ESS Blog

Foster The People - Houdini by thediscoverialist

Foster The People - Helena Beat by The Clink

The best hardcore band of all time, Bad Brains, are now working on a new album for a late summer 2011 release. "Stand by for the 'realist' we have ever written," says Darryl Jenifer. Duff McKagan (!) has written a brief article on the band's greatness for ESPN, I'm not sure why, but check it out here.

Bad Brains - 02 I Against I by christophermehl

19 We Will Not - Bad Brains by Moneybrother

The Cars have released an official video for Sad Song from their forthcoming album Move Like This (available May 10).

Cars - Sad Song by MMMusic

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