Sunday, March 25, 2012

Imaginary Cities - Still Good, Onward and Upward

photo by Trevor Marczylo - nice!

Some smartypants smart-aleck smarticle-particle suggested Scrunchy the Yak should support Imaginary Cities. Huh?! He can't mean this blog, I was telling folks how Imaginary Cities were one of my faves back in January of last year. The guy musta been talking about someone else. Don't know who Scrunchy the Yak is, but it sure is a dumb name.

Anyhow, here's more Imaginary Cities for ya. Still good, ep now available in the U.S., the band just hit SXSW. IC don't sound like any Winnipeg band that I have have ever heard, or actually any Canuck band - it's pretty hard to be original these days, but Marti Sarbit and Rusty Matyas have accomplished it, don't ya think?

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