Sunday, March 25, 2012

R.E.M. - A Late Appreciation Pt. 1

I never wrote about R.E.M. breaking up. It didn't seem necessary. It was popular knowledge, and the band didn't mean as much to me as they used to when I was younger.

But now some time has passed, I still listen to their music, and I started thinking about it. Did I ever tell you about the time I met Michael Stipe and Mike Mills? No? I didn't mention Stipe insisted that I sniff his hand? Or reveal that Mills showed off his bellybutton? Well, if you want to hear about it leave a comment. For now, I will leave you with Leave, an R.E.M. track that I think is beautiful yet not enough people have heard. If you aren't sure about the first version, check out the others, please give it more than one try.

I am definitely not the only one who loves this tune, here are a few covers to prove it.

Of course, even after the band is gone, music is coming this remix that Stipe really digs. Not my cup of tea but you might like it.

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