Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gigposters Vol. 2

Okay, I got sent this book Gigposters Vol. 2 awhile back and have been negligent in posting. It's amazing! The first thing I noticed is that the posters are treated like art as opposed to disposable advertisements. The posters are listed by their artists, not the musical artists or the shows being promoted therein. The book I got comes with 101 posters with perforated edges, perfect for pulling out, framing, or what-have-you. It's also got hundreds of other poster images and designer biographies. Every town has a few people that specialize in making gig posters that go beyond the obvious, moving into the realm of art itself, (Stu Reid in Winnipeg is one that comes to mind), this book and celebrate great art inspired by art of a different form. Viva Giposters! There's even representation by my favourite Canadian poster artist/rock 'n' roll guy, Jackson Phibes from Forbidden Dimension- see here. Her's a couple more random samples of poster art I like represented in the book - see Two Arms and Tracie Edwards (here and here). You Can purchase here.

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