Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tragically Hip - At Transformation

The Tragically Hip have released the first single and video, At Transformation, from their upcoming album, which is called...? Coming out...? It's a secret. I'm curious to hear what the band's doing this time. The first tune, or the video anyway, features some artsy rambling from Downie and then moves into what seems like a straightforward mid-tempo rocker. Last time around they released Love is a First as an initial single, a tune that mixed some serious-humour Gord Downie vocals with some unexpected Tom Morello-like guitar squawk. But the album took some left turns, with some Gordon Lightfoot moments of soothing gentle sounds. It turned out to be one of my favourite Hip albums in a long time. How about an orchestral version of a Hip classic? Or some old Hip you may not have heard? Buy At Transformation from iTunes. Find more Hip you might not have heard before, some rare stuff at captain's dead.

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