Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kiss - Hell or Halleulah

I don't usually post songs that I think are not good. I get sent a lot of tunes that are just not in my wheelhouse, and I'm not in the business of ripping something apart just because it's not my thing or because I can. There's too much good music for me to spend time focusing on the bad.

But I heard this new Kiss song. I still love their first record, and even enjoy the rest up until Ace Frehley officially left (for the first time, anyway). When Kiss didn't record new music for a while, I wondered if there was anything left in the tank. But this new song? Even more cliched and meaningless lyrics, ordinary riffs, a chorus that sounds like it's been done a million times? Even the money-grubbing Gene Simmons used to put some thought and artistic mojo into Kiss songs, and if you listen to some of his earlier basslines you will see what I mean. But this is just a turgid, boring pile of mediocrity here. Maybe some of the other songs on the album (out October 9) will have some life.

Speaking of the new album, that's the cover above. Pretty creative, huh? And the Monster logo that looks like it was put together by a 12-year-old metal fan in 1983, pretty slick don't you think?

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