Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Bloody Valentine is Back and Busting the Internet Like They're Radiohead or Something With New Only Available Online Album

My Bloody Valentine last released music in 1991 with the fantastic Loveless. About 22 years later, the next record is finally here, which seems to be called mbv. Went on sale last night from the band's website, immediately broke the internet, looks like it's up and running again today. It sounds just like you'd expect it to sound, still hazy, fuzzy, otherworldly, and superfine! Like The Pixies, absence has only made the band more popular, so expect this hype to continue.


1. “she found now” 2. “only tomorrow” 3. “who sees you” 4. “is this and yes” 5. “if i am” 6. “new you” 7. “in another way” 8. “nothing is” 9. “wonder 2″

The band has stuck shortened versions of the album tracks on youtube for you to hear, you have to buy the album to hear everything properly. Here you go.

she found now

only tomorrow

who sees you

is this and yes

if i am

new you

in another way

nothing is

wonder 2

Here's some old My Bloody Valentine:


Only Shallow

You Made Me Realise

To Here Knows When



When You Sleep

Don't Ask Why


Sunny Sundae Smile

Strawberry Wine

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