Saturday, February 2, 2013

Robyn Hitchcock - Be Still and Love From London

"Rock and Roll is an old man’s game now, so I’m staying in it.” That recent quote from Robyn Hitchcock is so good, I don't know what to say about it.

Robyn Hitchcock is celebrating his 60th birthday with a new album, Love From London (out March 5), which is how I hope I can celebrate my 60th. With another new Hitchcock record, that is. According to those in the know, he will also be performing at a "retrospective show on February 28th at the Village Underground in London where he will be playing songs from each of his albums, accompanied by some of his favorite British musicians". Uh, each of his albums? I assume that doesn't include box sets, compilations or live albums, or everyone will have to take pep pills -the guy has released a boatload of records.

Here's a song entitled Be Still from the new record: Love From London TRACK LISTING:
1. Harry's Song
2. Be Still
3. Stupefied
4. I Love You
5. Devil On A String
6. Strawberries Dress
7. Death And Love
8. Fix You
9. My Rain
10. End Of Time

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